Power of Analysis

Power of Analysis

Knowledge is a powerful asset; Knowledge, gained rapidly, is a strategic advantage.

There are literally dozens of applications for the use of phenolic measurements in red winemaking. When you really think about it, most red wine analyses stop at the scale house with pH, Brix and TA measurements. But virtually ALL of the key compounds that make red wines red, or why some red wines are more astringent than others, are due mainly to the concentrations of phenolic compounds. Oddly enough, the vast majority of wineries do not routinely measure the concentrations of these key red wine compounds. With , winery clients can gain rapid knowledge of key phenolic compounds present in their wines.

What to do with the information?

That is up to you as the client to decide. Some clients use the information to validate cellar protocols or maintain style over time. Other clients wish to increase case volumes without noticeable changes to the wine's size or structure. Others wish to reduce vintage variation or perhaps search for growers who perform to a higher valued AVA. We even have some clients who use to pre-screen bulk samples prior to purchase. The uses are virtually limitless, but below are some of the most common applications for the phenolics information provided by .

provides rapid, precise, and timely measurements of selected families of red wine phenolic compounds to our clients. Some examples of the power of the analysis include: