VESUVVIO™ is an integrated offering for the fast and timely measurement of selected families of phenolic compounds present in red wines. Measured, specifically, are "Total Anthocyanins" in ppm ME, "Free Anthocyanins" in ppm ME, "Bound Anthocyanins©" in ppm ME, protein-precipitable tannins ("Tannins") in ppm CE, and total iron-reactive phenolics ("Total Phenolics") in ppm CE. ME and CE denote malvidin equivalents and catechin equivalents, respectively.

VESUVVIO™ offers three key strategic advantages: reduced assay execution time compared to the original wet chemistry method of the Harbertson-Adams Tannin Assay (24 samples in less than one hour, with increased throughput possible with additional hardware), timely results for operational decision-making, and increased repeatability and reproducibility of the reported measurements to over ninety-five percent.

The standard operating protocol for this analysis consists of gathering samples for the wines to be profiled, centrifugation of these samples for five minutes to remove any particulate matter present, priming the flow-through cell and running the UV-Vis spectrophotometer to measure the sample’s ultraviolet and visible light spectrum, electronic extraction and compilation of the samples’ spectra, running of the appropriate multivariate calibration, and reporting of the phenolic profiles for the analyzed wine samples.

It is important to realize that the wine samples undergo no physico-chemical alterations or modifications, and that the procedure is fast and precise. Moreover, when the equipment necessary to run the procedure is placed at the local laboratory or production facility that is generating the samples, and the internet is used to upload the measured spectra, run the model, and download the calculated phenolic profiles, this protocol renders this new method especially fitting for real-time decision-making. Thus, allowing to take the appropriate action to impact the wine when demanded by the specific local operating conditions of the process.